1 BETTA FISH (male or female) + 5 GALLON TANK with HOOD/LID + FILTER + HEATER =

*larger tanks and accompanying equipment, or additional equipment may be available and may be offered for a slightly higher fee depending on the rescue’s cost of purchasing them


Adoption fees go wholly and directly towards the care and feeding of fish currently in the rescue and towards the purchase of tanks and equipment for future rescues. Adoption fees are set as such to offset the rescue’s cost of equipment and care for each fish.


Unless otherwise stated at the time of adoption, the tank and equipment that the fish is sold with are previously owned. The equipment is donated to, or purchased by, the rescue, then tested to ensure proper working condition at the time of purchase by the rescue and thoroughly cleaned/sanitized so as to be ready for use with your new pet when you take it home. New items will be specifically identified as such when delivered to adopters.


  • No betta will be sold without a tank/filter/heater package – this is their home and they come with it.


  • No equipment will be sold separately from the fish, either as a tank package, or as single pieces.


Shipping is not available, and all fish and equipment must be picked up, or delivery may potentially be arranged, dependent on location and volunteer availability.


Visit our AVAILABLE BETTAS page to view fish currently looking for new homes!