TAIL TYPE: Veiltail
COLORS: Red and green
ADOPTION DATE: November 24, 2012
AGE (at adoption): approx. 1.5-2 years

Alex was adopted from a lovely woman on the lower mainland who, due to health concerns, no longer felt comfortable maintaining his tank. She had kept Alex for about 1 year in a 2.5 gallon tank, without filtration or a heater. She advised that she performed minimal maintenance on his tank - a 100% water change once monthly.


While there are inadequacies with this set-up, she obviously cared about Alex as a living creature, and when a friend suggested that she "flush" him, she refused! We found him shortly after, advertised online, and adopted him.


When I got Alex home, I tested the water he came in (ie: his old tank water) for ammonia, as well as checking his new tank to make sure that all was well.


While not ludicrously high, as levels often are without filtration, there was definite ammonia in Alex's old tank - between 0.25-0.5PPM. Recall that any level of ammonia is dangerous to fish and must be removed. 


While Alex was acclimating to his new tank, we noticed a distinct bulge in his side. This off-centre bulge in his tummy, extending to one side, and also downward, looks a lot like constipation, and we're hoping that that's all it is. The scales on his body are not "pineconed" (sticking out) which is a good sign.


Alex was fed pellets which, if fed dry, can certainly cause a back-up in the digestive system. We are going to fast him for a few days and if he hasn't improved by then,  we will move onto the next stage of treatment, as outlined in our CONSTIPATION page for bettas.