My memory is much longer than 3 seconds!
My memory is much longer than 3 seconds!

While bettas are plagued by myths and misconceptions, fish in general suffer from a number of pervasive untruths. In order to care for any fish properly, it is important to understand them and their needs.


Below are a number of facts, with links to the supporting scientific studies, that dispell myths and enhance our understanding of fish in general.

Yes, Fish DO Feel Pain

The study below explores "nociception" - the perception of pain - in both the common goldfish and trout. The fish were exposed to mechanical and/or damaging stimuli, in the forms of abrasion, pin-pokes and burning heat.


Electrical responses to these stimuli were observed and recorded at all levels of the fish's brain, right up to the "higher" region - the "telecephalon", an equivalent structure to the human cerebral cortex - which is responsible for learning and conscious action, among other things.

The study below exposed common goldfish to various levels of heat, up to a point that would activate pain receptors in the fish. It was predicted, and then confirmed, in the experiment that if and when the fish experienced pain, they would act to escape the heat source.