Frozen food can be purchased in a number of sizes to suit fish from large to small, but even the smallest packaged cubes are too much to give to a betta all at once. This method will allow you to feed betta-sized frozen meals without waste or hassle.


  • Frozen food (in 1.75 oz. or 3.5 oz. cube form)
  • Sandwich bags
  • Twist ties
  • Hammer


1. Pop one frozen food cube out of the packaging and into a sandwich bag
2. Roll the bag up loosely around the cube of frozen food so that it still has room to move within the bag.

Place the rolled up bag on a hard surface, like the counter or ground, if it is clean, and gently tap the frozen cube with the hammer until it is crushed.

  • Be careful not to strike the cube too hard or the bag may break. Just gently tap
4. Squeeze any extra air out of the bag, seal with a twist tie to prevent freezer burn, then return to the freezer.

Now, when it is time to feed your betta, you can remove enough crushed frozen food for one serving, then return the rest to the freezer immediately (so that it doesn't thaw) to be used later.