Alex's tail is healing nicely

Happy new year, everyone!


After my post yesterday about Alex's torn tail, I've been watching him very closely. Thanks to taking a few pictures of him, I can track his progress, and it looks like his tail is knitting back together very nicely at the places where it tore!


With good water conditions, a healthy betta can heal simple injuries very quickly, and I'm so glad that this has been the case for Alex. Poor little chap! I think tonight I'll give him some frozen-thawed bloodworms - his favourite!

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    Fiona (Friday, 01 August 2014)

    Hope he gets better soon!

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    Christian (Tuesday, 27 December 2016 06:25)

    Thanks for placing this site together!
    Our first Betta is a friend and you have helped us learn essentials for a great start.

    How is the Betta sanctuary coming along on your end?