A Betta Splendens Information Centre and Rescue

WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION!  While we hope that you enjoy and learn from the information that we've got here so far, please know that there is still a lot to be added to this site (and a lot of editing to do!)  Please check back often to see what's new, and feel free to contact us with any feedback!


Betta Late Than Never is a small, non-profit advocacy and rescue group located in North Vancouver, BC and serving the lower mainland of BC, as well as Vancouver Island. At the moment, the rescue is focused only on Betta Splendens (“Siamese Fighting”) fish, with the goal of taking in unwanted, sick, neglected, mistreated (intentionally or not) fish, re-homing them with the equipment necessary to provide them with proper care, and providing education on proper feeding, housing and care of Betta Splendens to anyone interested.


In the domain of rescue groups, we understand that we are a rarity, in that we are a group that caters to fish, but we are seeking to change this through education. Fish are sentient, intelligent animals capable of fear, suffering and the experience of pain, just like a cat or dog, and as such they deserve the same compassion. As our resources are limited, we currently only focus on the Betta Splendens species, as we feel that they are one of the most widely misunderstood, and consequently mistreated, animals in the fishkeeping industry, but we hope one day to open our doors to needy fish of all shapes and sizes.


Through the purchase of discounted equipment or purchase/cleaning and sterilization of previously owned tanks and equipment, we are able to offer low adoption fees comparable to the price of “betta bowl” kits for sale in pet stores. We believe that the low price of these commercial kits is a major selling feature and contributor to the inappropriate conditions that bettas are kept in when compared to the price of a new, fully equipped tank. By providing competitive pricing, we hope to break down another barrier keeping bettas from the best homes possible.


Adoption fees go wholly and directly towards the care and feeding of fish currently in the rescue and towards the purchase of tanks and equipment for future rescues. Adoptions fees are set as such to offset the rescue’s cost of equipment and care for each fish.


If you are in the lower mainland of British Columbia or the surrounding islands/area and have a betta you no longer want/can care for, or are looking to adopt a betta, please don't hesitate to CONTACT US!